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OG Pro Sucking Vibe

Great Buy

Tracy's Dog



OG Pro Sucking Vibrator

Once the Womanizer introduced clit sucking toys, designers went wild with creating variations on a theme. And why wouldn’t they? Over 85 percent of folks with clitori need it stimulated to climax. This version pairs a clit sucker with a G-Spot vibrator.

The Unboxing

This is sent from Tracy’s Dog in a a discrete cardboard shipping box. The interior packing it the Tracy’s Dog high-end black box with gold script. When you open, the box comes with a bunch of fun stickers (I’m a Gen X-er and still appreciate stickers), insturctions, the toy, a magnetic charging cord, and a small, gold remote control (battery included).

Tracy’s Dog invested in great packaging, which makes thier stuff great for gifts. The vibrator here is in Tiffany Blue, and also comes in five additioanl colors.

The Specs

This toy is made of body-safe silicone and is waterproof. It charges by a magnetic charger. There are buttons on the portion behind the clit sucker to control the toy or you can use the included remote control.

The toy offers ten suction levels and ten vibration levels. The longer (insertable) are in 5 inches with 4 inches insertable. The widest insertable part is 4.5 inches in circumfrence. The shorter arm is 5 inches long.

The Review

First, cheers to a designer who made a clit/G-spot toy which can be adjusted a bit and fits bigger bodies. This toy is angled in such a way you can rotate it a bit to get it on the clit and the G-Spot vibration part is long enough to cover the G-spot area of about 2.5 inches allowing for more bodies to use this.

The suction on this toy is very gentle. Where the womanizer and other clit suckers often offer high levels of suction, even on a 10, the suction on this is pleasant, but not intense. The same can be said for the vibrations. They are on the gentler side. So… if you prefer less intensity in your vaginal/clit stimulation, this toy could be a great option.

The toy worked well to get me very aroused. I enjoy intense clit stimulation and need it to climax. While this toy did not provide the level of intensity I use to climax, it got me very twitterpated quickly and very ready to play with a partner.

I would strongly sugggest using this toy along with other types of stimulation (nipples, kissing, impact play). The combination is highly arousing and frees up a partner’s hands to play with many of your other bits.

The toy is easy to clean. I used a warm, soapy water combo and scrubbed it clean. Don’t throw it in the dish washer since the mechanical parts, while waterproof, may not hold up to the heat of most machines.

Bottom Line

This is a great choice for people looking for a toy for sensitive clits/G-spots or to integrate with other sexy play time. Its pretty, comes in a varity of colors, and fits most bodies.

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