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Pearl Chain Nipple Clamp


Sincerely Midnight



Sincerely Midnight Pearl Chain Nipple Clamps

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I love a good set of nipple clamps! Nipple play is a big turn on for me and increased pressure is a great sensation. Add in something pretty and I love them more!

The Unboxing

These clamps are by Sportssheets from Betty's Toy Box. They were shipped in a nondescript mailer and arrived within a week of requesting them. They come in simply plastic packaging (not great for the environment).

The clips and chain are very lightweight. While the clips themselves are made of metal, the chain and the pearls are made of lightweight plastic. I expected the pearls to be plastic (the clamps cost $25, it would ridiculous to expect anything else. The chain was a surprise. I have other clamps with the same design which is metal.

The Specs

The nipple clamps have small rubber covers on the end (better for comfort). The chain is 16 inches from tip to tip. The entire thing weighs less than 3 ounces.

The Review

The clamps are great! They adjust like other similar clamps to provide a variable amount of pressure. They fit a very wide range of nipple sizes. My one gripe is that the bar which slides to adjust the tension is not neatly aligned at the closing point. The ends of the loop are off just a bit, making the clamps feel cheaper than they should. I have other sportssheet nipple clamps and this is not an issue. This may just be a problem with this specific set.

The clamps with the pearls give a pretty effect. It is a great accessory to pair with a sexy pair of panties.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a pretty set of nipple clamps, this is a good bet.

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