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Penis Ring with Anal Vibe

Not Just for Penises!




Sohimi Penis Ring with Anal Vibrator

Guess what? This toy isn’t just for folks with penises!

Sohimi sent me this toy to try. My first thought was to have my guy give it a go, but the anal vibrator is larger than he is comfortable with. I got creative and put it on a dildo and put the dildo in a harness. It worked well!

The Sohimi Penis Ring with Anal Vibrator is a toy with a silicone ring which fits over the shaft of a penis and another which fits around the ball sack. Then, there is a large anal vibrating egg that is controlled by a remote. You see it on the dildo in the picture.

When I took this toy out of the box I was a bit skeptical about the size. The dildo above is the 9.8″ Rainbow Pride Dildo which is on the large size both in length and width for most penises. The ball sack on the dildo is also larger than most actual sacks. With a little lube, this toy fit and I suspect will comfortably fit most penises. If you happen to have a very thick shaft, the ring may be a bit snug but most likely not as snug as your average cock ring.

It also fit a smaller dildo I put it on to use in a harness. I slipped the cock ring around the shaft and balls of the dildo I was going to use, lubed up the egg and inserted it in my bum, and was ready to go!

The anal vibrator is powerful. It has 10 vibration speeds. These have a variety of patterns and a slow, medium, and fast vibration option. The intesity of the vibration does not change, just the speed and pattern.

For an anal vibrator, this is on the stronger end of the vibration spectrum. I really enjoyed it, but I also really enjoy anal simulation. If you are just starting out with anal play, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sensation of this toy. Additionally, the anal egg is 1.6 inches in diameter which is substantial! So, practice with smaller toys if you are newer to anal play before attempting this toy.

The remote does work, but you need you are or parther to have it relatively close to your bum to make it work consistently.

The toy is covered in silicone as is the remote. It can be cleaned with soap and water or toy cleaner when finsihed. Dry and store as you would other silicone toys.

I normally would not have bought this toy for just me. Discovering I could use it with a strap-on definitely made strap-on play more enjoyable for me. I definitely recommend for folks who enjoy anal play.

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