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Personal Lubricant

All Natural




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Hail Hydra!

If you are not a Marvel fan, ignore the joke.

Intimate Earth has produced a water-based, glycerine free lubricant. Glycerine-free will definitely be a plus for some of you readers!

The Unboxing

This lubricant came from Condomania, which has expanded well beyond the small shop it started as over three decades ago. It now is online and carries a huge selection of condoms, lubes, and other useful stuff.

This lube was shipped in a white shipping bag and wrapped in a second clear plastic bag. It is very discrete and held up through the USPS system.

The packaging design is in line with much of the “health” trend packaging. That said, its pretty. The bottle is also easy to open and use.

The Specs

This is a water-based lube without parabens or glycerine. It includes aloe to increase moisturization during use. All the ingredients can be safely consumed. This means, if you use it for any type of lubrication you can transition immediately to oral sex without having to clean up. For me, this is a huge plus!

The ingredients are also safe for use with silicone toys and latex condoms.

The company does not list all ingredients, so I will not vouch for total lack of allergens. However, as someone with a long list of sensitivities and allergies, I did not have any issue with this lubricant on my skin, intimate bits, or ingesting it.

The Review

I used this lubricant for finger play and with a couple of toys. I loved the slickness of this water-based lube! So many water-based lubricants feel sticky or become sticky with use (that is often the glycerine breaking down). This lubricant was absorbed, necessitating adding it over time, but did not get sticky. The absorbsion of the lube is pretty common with water-based options. The lack of stickiness was a big plus!

The lube also works well for hand jobs. The biggest plus is moving from hand job to blow job seemlessly does not present an issue since this is pretty flavorless and safe for consumption. A big win! There are very few lubes I have found that work for this specific combination of sexy acts.


This is a strong contender in the water-based lube category. For folks looking for a personal lubricant which can be used seemlessly between types of sex acts, I strongly endorse the Hydra-Glide option. Additionally, for folks with vaginas who want a water-based option which transitions easily to oral sex, this is a definite buy.

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