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Portable Anal Shower

Top Pick!




BestVibe Portable Anal “Shower”

If you read this site much at all, you know I am a fan of butt stuff. This means keeping the booty clean when there is playtime coming up! Anal douching is pretty much required for anything from digital stimulation to butt plug instrtion to anal sex.

I’m always down for a new anal douche. I have been using one for a while that works, but is not… um… comfortable.I happily gave this one a shot.

This “anal shower” is made of black silicone (yay! esay to clean) and comes in two parts: a bulb and a screwon neck. The pieces fit together firmly and securely (this is important since you will be sticking it up your bum). They unscrew for very easy cleaning.

This was well sizzed, comfottable to use and clean. I definitely recommend!

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