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Scarlet Couture Paddle

Starter Model

Adam and Eve



Adam and Eve Scarlet Couture Paddle

I’m a fan of things that go ‘whack’ in the night. It therefore should make sense that I like paddles, and I do!

A friend gifted this to me for Christmas and its fun.


It is 14 inches long and 3.5 inches wide with 90 inches of red rope wrapped around the handle. The rope can be unwrapped and used to tie folks up.

The paddle itself is made out of vegan leather (a plus for me), and the rope is made of nylon.


This paddle is lightweight and easy to weild. It makes a very satisfying slap sound when it hits skin. Its lightweight nature and materials mean that is is very gentle. Use if for a warm-up, a bit of light spanking, or on someone who doesn’t really want any serious impact. This is not one for people looking to leave a mark or to be used on folks who enjoy heavy impact.

The nylon rope can be unwound and used to tie. I am not a fan of nylon rope for bondage as I don’t really like the feel. For my taste, it is better left on the paddle to give the handle more heft and maneuverability. Without the rope, the handle is too soft and light to make this much of an impact toy.

In Use

I did play with this paddle for a bit. I found it best for entertaining my inner brat. I would grab it, pop my Sir on the buns and say, “Say ‘Thank You Marvin.” I found this very amusing, he was less enthralled. So, Thank you, Marvin!

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