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Short Suede Flogger

Great Warm Up Toy!

Strict Leather



Strict Leather & Suede Short Flogger

First, I am thrilled to announce I am working with Betty’s Toy Box to bring your toy reviews! BTB is exactly the type of shop I like to support. The sell high-quality toys, they are body-inclusive, and generally a very ethical brand. You can trust their toy descriptions too!

The Unboxing

This is a new item to BTB and does not arrive in a branded box. Instead, it arrived in a white mailing envelop which was very discrete.

The flogger was encased in a clear plastic bag inside. Plastic is not the best, but for shipping and cost, I do understand why BTB has gone this route. The packaging was minimal which is a plus.

The Specs

The flogger is 17.5 inches long and the tresses are 11.5 inches. They are made of a soft suede leather. The handle is wrapped in a thin, plastic-feeling wrap. This one comes in classic black and red, which is great for fitting in with other toys in my toy bag.

The Review

I love the feeling of the tresses. They are soft and supple and feel like a flogger that has already been broken in a bit. Think of getting jeans which feel broken in verses a stiffer denim- you get the idea. The tresses are gentle on the skin but heavy enough to carry a bit of wallop with them.

I tried using the tresses to brush over nipples, breast and buttocks. This was a great way to gently warm up the skin for play. The feeling is of soft petting. Then I used the flogger for some light impact. It handle’s nicely and is easy to control where it lands. It is short and light enough for extended use even if you have arthritic hands. A BIG plus!

The flogger is too soft and light to work for intense impact play. However, for light play, people desiring impact without leaving marks but still feeling a flogger land, this is a great option! It also cleans easily with basic seude care.


This flogger gets a 4 of 5 for me. It is perfect for warm-up and light impact play. It is easy to use and a great choice for people with hand and wrist concerns. It’s tresses are made of a lovely suede and it is at a great price point.

The handle material leaves a bit to be desired. The plastic-like feel is not my first choice for a handle. Additionally, the material on the handle wears much faster than the tresses. With repeated use, you will develop small rub patches which are white/off-white.

If you are looking for a beginning flogger, a flogger for warm-up, or have a partner who does not want marks with impact play, this is a great choice!

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