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The Britney Doll

Realistic & Fun




The Britney Big Boob Sex Doll


I have avoided revieing sex dolls for years because I don't honestly see the appeal. That said, there is a huge market for them. When Tantaly gave me the chance to review one (they are known for making some of the superior models in the field) I decided to give this a go.

The Unboxing

They sent me the Britney model doll. I had seen it on the website and looked at the dimensions. When it arrived (in a discrete cardboard shipping box), my first thought was, "OMG! This is so heavy!" The shipping box weighed in over 30 lbs and my mind had not really registered how dense this thing was until it got here.

The doll comes packed in a sleek box with styrofoam padding to ensure safe shipping. The doll was in pristine condition when I opened it.

While the weight surprised me, the size did too. I had read the dimensions on the site and knew it would be smaller than my own torso (which is large compared to most women), this felt really small. My partner, the second tester, said the torso size felt close to little-person sized. I have to admit, the short lenght was the sticking point for me. For him, not a big deal.

The Specs

The Britney weighs in at almost 29 lbs in its bare flesh. The doll has a 19" torso (neck to bum), with breasts which wear a 20H bra size (they weren't lying about big boobs). It's waist is 19 inches with it clocking in at 30 inches at the widest part around the hips. 

The Review

Both my partner and I reviewed the doll. I mean, we had it so why not both give it a go!

The doll feels good. I have a lot of experience touching a wide-variety of sex toys. This doll feels really good to the touch. Its better than the cyber-skin strokers I've used and better than straight silicone. Its smooth, silky, and pretty "skin-like" to touch

The coloring is also well done on this model. For a pale-ass white girl, it meets the specs with pale pink nipples. The doll also comes in "flax" which is a slightly darker white girl. While Tantaly offers a few non-white options on other dolls, this one only comes in white. I do wish there was more skin tone variety on the site, but I also recognize the market has a certain pull.

The weight of the doll also makes it feel more "real" than just using a stroker or fleshlight. It is sturdy and can be positioned sitting up, on its back, or in "doggy" style. In case you are struggling with ideas about how to position the doll, Tantaly  provides a whole guide.

The weight of the doll was a bit of an issue when my partner tried to use it sitting up. He was trying to use the doll on his lap in a chair and found that, after about 10 minutes, the weight of suppoting the doll was hard on his wrists. Other positions with the doll supported by a bed were more successful. However, we are both in our mid-40s. For healthy folks in their 20s or 30s, the weight won't be an issue. If you can pick up your partner or hold up their legs during sex, this doll should feel easy to hold.

The size of the vaginal and anal openings were great for him! As a larger-penis sized person, the vaginal opening (with lube) felt great and and anus was tighter (also with lube) but still allowed for satisfying penetration. This is very similar to most women he has had sex with, so bravo, Tantaly! When it comes to "realistic" this is the closest we have found to a real vaginal or anal opening for a toy.

Tantlay also supplies "doll stories" for users who are looking for a bit of inspiration while using the doll. In the case of the Britnay doll, they depict her as a 22-year old college student in the story I read. If you have a thing for co-eds, this could be helpful. There are a surpising number of stories and pictures provided on the Tantaly site about each of its dolls which help to add back story and personality to them.

For my partner the doll was a good option and felt good to use. However, he gets lazy when it comes to masturbation and bringing the doll out of storage, cleaning it, and maintaining it between uses might be a bit more than he would normally do for a sex toy. For someone like me who maintains their sex toys and will bring out a host of options for my solo time, this is not an issue. Finally, if you live in your average NYC apartment, give some thought to where you will stash this. While it does not take up a ton of storage space, it does require more than most sex toys. 

The thing that stuck with me about the doll was the missing head, arms, and legs. I may have spent too much time in academics studing the represetnation of women blah blah blah, but this bothered me. The disembodied torso was weird for me and I couldn't get past that. My partner on the other hand, really enjoyed the doll.

In terms of sex doll options out thier, this is a superior model. The doll feels good. The skin is silky and moves over the torso similar to skin over muscle. There is not a strong smell of chemicals that can be present on some dolls. The vaginal and anal openings are well designed and feel really good on a penis. If this is your thing, it is well worth it! Tantaly has spent a lot of time and thought into the design of the doll, the information on their site, and the accessories and stories to support some fun times.

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