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Thrusting Sex Machine





Soxmag Thrusting Sex Machine

While dildoes can be great for penetration and vibrators can be great for vibration, neither fully mimics the feeling of thrusting during sex with someone with a penis. This is where thrusting machines come into play.

The Soxmag Thrusting Sex Machine in an inexpensive version of a sex machine. This toy is a silicone covered dildo with a thrusting mechanism and an attachable suction cup base.

The Unboxing

This arrives in an unassuming box with minimal packaging (a plus). The dildo section is 1.6" in diameter and 8.25" long which makes this a larger dildo when looking for "realistic" sized toys. It comes in a white flesh tone. The base is detachable and made of white hard plastic and a suction cup.

The toy is a "realistic" or representative shape complete with veins. The silicone is soft but there is clearly hard plastic inside the toy which makes for a very firm feel in all parts except for the first inch or so (head) of the toy.

The Stats

This toy is 8.25 inches long with a 1.6" diameter on the insertable part. I found this to be a very pleasing size. It was very filling once inserted and left enough of the balls and control area accessible for larger bodies to use effectively without the base.

On the base, the toy is controlled by the remote control. To make the remote work effectively, you must aim it at the control panel. This means if you have mounted the toy to the edge of a bathtub or toilet seat you have to lower your hand and point the remote at the base.

The suction cup adheres well to smooth surfaces (porcelain, plastic) but not well on textured walls and not at all on fabrics. This means you have limited spaces in most homes where you would be able to attach the base.

The toy comes with both thrusting and vibrating options. The thrusting mechanism moves 3 cm, which is minimal but noticeable when inserted. The thrusting is not a simple back-and-forth. Instead the head of the toy whirls around (see video). When inserted the more circular pattern is noticeable.


I gave this a shot initially by mounting the base to the bathtub edge, the only place in my home I could really mount it well. Using the dildo on the edge of the tub felt awkward and uncomfortable.

I detached the dildo and used it without the base on my bed. The thrusting action was odd at first but became pleasing when using the consistent thrusting pattern. The toy offers several thrusting patterns. The others lacked a realism I want in a toy like this. Many of the alternating patterns felt like the toy had either shorted out and then come back on line or was simply running out of juice.

I added the vibration patterns which definitely increase the stimulation from the toy. I found the added vibrations to be a big plus to using the toy internally.


Overall the toy is pleasant to use without the base. On its own, the thrusting dildo provides a range of sensations and is closer to sex with someone with a penis than either a dildo or vibrator by itself.

The suction cup and size of base limits where this toy can be mounted. If you have a sex swing or chair where you can mount a thrusting dildo while in a comfortable position, this may be an option for you. If you like getting it on sitting on the edge of your bathtub, this will work. Other than that, keep the toy off its base and use it independently.

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