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Twijoy 'Night' Stroker

Twijoy 'Night' Stroker

Improve Your Solo Sessions!




Twijoy 'Night' Stroker

$129 USD

The world of male strokers has settled in on a pretty standard model. Most look like a thermos with a fleshlight in them and some form of vibration and pressure. It is standardized because it works for most folks with penises!

I agreed to review the Twijoy 'Night' stroker because they have added the option of working with a cam performer who can control the stroker via an app. 

The Unboxing

This item ships from China. It took about 3 weeks to arrive, which is pretty standard shipping time right now. It arrives in a very plain shipping package so no neighbors or postmen the wiser.

The toy is boxed in a simple white box. It includes the stroker, a charger, headphones, and an instruction book.

The Specs

The toy is made of a combination of ABS plastic, a 'cyberskin' insert, and various mechanical parts. The cyberskin insert is softer and more pliable than standard body-safe silicone. This means it will wear faster than body-safe silicone BUT according to my tester, it also feels much better than standard silicone sleeves.

The toy is waterproof so you can use it in the shower. It claims to be submersible, but we did not give that option a go.

The sleeve will accomodate most penis sizes. My tester is on the larger size- 9.5 inches in length and almost 6" in circumfrence. A little lube in the sleeve and on his shaft and he slipped in for a snug fit. For people with shorter or with less girth, the stroker has a "pressure" option to contract the sleeve which will allow for a snug fit on a wide range of sizes.

The Review

The draw of this stroker over others is the ability to turn over the control to a cam performer. Twijoy offers  cis male and female cam performers on it's site. Once you create an account, you can choose the performer of your choice and give them permission to control the stroker via the app.

This requires some trust and the loss of control makes the session more exciting than standard solo play. The current catalogue of performers is largely cis-presenting, young (under 30), thin and light skinned. This is obviously catering to White heteronormative standards of beauty. Hopefully the roster will include more diversity in body size, genders, ages, and racial representation. The days we tried it out, there were no dark skinned, heavier women on the site (a personal preference for my tester).

The number of rotation and vibrating options on the stroker allowed for my tester to dial in on the type of sensations he most enjoyed. The "pressure" option had to be used with care. As he has more girth than most men, adding even a moderate level of pressure felt like his "dick was being choked out." LOL  However, having the cam performer take the control added a bit of anticipation and anxiety which improved the expereince for him.

The toy also comes with an internal soundtrack. Overall, this is one of the better sound loops for a stroker we have tried. The woman sounds like a mature woman having sex. The only feedback he had was that it would have heightened the experience to have "blow job" sounds rather than sex sounds and that the looping was a bit off. Please keep in mind, my tester is an audio professional by training and most users will not have any issue with the loop.

The sleeve is easy to remove and fully clean with warm water and mild soap. The ability to contain the ejacuate in the sleeve made for a preferrable ending when compared to hand or other manual strokers.

Bottom Line

This was a big step forward for the masturbation experience! If you enjoy watching cam performers, if you want to feel like there is someone else in the session with you, this is a definite buy!

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