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Vampire Gloves

Must Buy!

The Sex Shed



Vampire Gloves

I have wanted a pair of vampire gloves for so long! The biggest barrier has been finding gloves which fit my giant hands (I wear a men's XL). The Sex Shed is finally providing gloves in my size!

The Unboxing

The Sex Shed ships quickly (arrived in less than a week without expedited shipping). Items arrive in a nondescript envelop allowing for privacy.

The gloves feel great and smell like leather when they come out of the package. Yum! The leather is super soft and the gloves are very well made. The spikes are sharp and scratch.

The Specs

The gloves are in a soft kid leather and come in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL). There are two rows of nickle plated spikes on each finger.

The Review

These gloves fit like... well, a glove! I am always so happy to slip my hands into an elegant leather glove and have it fit (does not happen often). The snap at the wrist makes sure the gloves stay on during play.

The spikes are nice and pointy. This allows the wearer to induce any feeling from a light scratch to a deep, painful scratch. They are small enough to allow for a spanking, if you are in to a bit of stingy, scratchy pain during a spanking.

I've used these in several scenes and every partner adored them! Even people who just got to handle the gloves fell in love.

Bottom Line

MUST BUY! These are fantastic for any toy bag.

Used code Rebecca10 for 10 percent off your purchase.

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