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Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup





BestVibe Vibrating Male Masturbator

A confession: For a person without a penis I am really fascinated with male masturbation toys. I am continually surprised by the slower pace of innovation for penis-focused sex toys than those for vaginas. The variety of vibrators for vulvas/vaginas is so much greater than the options for penis holders. So either the standard male masturbation sleeve is great and gets the job done consistently, or this is one industry where there is more innovation for women.

Since I do not have an attached penis I enlisted my trusty partner to give this thing a try! We tried it together and he gave it another go solo.


When this thing arrived, the box seemed rather large. The toy itself is rather large. It is almost a foot long and about as wide around as a thermos for a kid's lunch box. In fact, holding it is highly reminiscent of my Fonzie thermos from 40 years ago.

The size was actually promising. My partner is significantly endowed and this looked like he may comfortably fit. He and I can both palm a basketball and even with those sided hands, this was really a two-hander if you aren't going to use the suction cup.


The toy comes with headphones so you can listen to a recorded soundtrack of a woman moaning. First things first, we had to listen to the soundtrack. His response was about as good as a description gets:

What rape-y ass hentai video did they steal this from?

Seriously, the high pitched fake moans are straight out of hentai rape scenes. Neither of us found anything sexy about the soundtrack. When he was testing it solo, he gave it a longer listen to see if it got better. It did not and he couldn't get fully erect listening to it.


Despite the significant outer size of the toy, the inner fit was a bit too snug for comfort for my partner. He is over 9" long and about 6" in girth. He needed to use both hands to press his dick into the sleeve and the constriction made it difficult to remain fully hard. We added significant amounts of lube and it was still too tight. We opted out of trying it suction cupped to a wall because he would have been pounding the sleeve to try and keep his dick in it.

He did find when he had a semi-chubb they toy fit much better. We suspect most penis owners measuring under 8" with less than a 5" girth would fit much more comfortably in this sleeve.

In Action

We gave it a go as part of foreplay one afternoon. It kinda helped him get hard. However, when he started trying to pump it the sleeve sounded exactly like a turtle fucking a croc. This, of course, makes the sleeve much less sexy.

We gave the various vibration modes a go. He found them a bit distracting. Additionally, the vibrations are provided by a bullet vibe on one side of the sleeve so the vibrations are not evenly distributed around the penis.

Clean Up

One thing that gets me about most male sleeve masturbators is the clean up factor. This one is actually really good on that account. You can slip out the sleeve, remove the bullet vibe, and turn the thing inside out for a good scrubbing. That is a big plus!

Bottom Line

This one isn't making it into our rotation. It is just too small for my partner. Additionally, we both think of that turtle video every time he used it.

In his final review, he said had the sleeve fit better it would be an "okay" substitute for masturbation. He liked the inner feel when he was semi-hard. The death grip on his dick when he was fully hard was too much.


BestVibe has a lot of problems of similar sites in the industry. It offers almost exclusively "white" options for flesh tones. In the male toys there are no toys with any color other than pale-ass white girl. This is additionally refelcted in the choice of models on their site.

The language on the site is gendered to the point of being outright annoying. They still have the "male" and "female" sex toy categories with dildoes and most vibrators listed as "female" toys.

Finally, the choice of models and toy models are geared toward incredibly thin and unrealistic bodies. I find the lack of selection and diversity a big distraction on this site.

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