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VIM Wand

Must Have!

Fun Factory



This Wand is a GAME CHANGER!!!

I have used a lot (a LOT) of wands over the years. I bought my first one in 1991 from Good Vibrations in San Francisco. I know, many of you weren't born at the time. There are a lot of good wands. But a great wand? One that meets the needs of a diverse group of users? One that is great for accessibility? Those are the few.

This is one of the few great wands! It has a weighted head, an extra-long handle, big buttons, and you don't have to cycle through the Morris Code settings to increase and decrease the intensity of a the continual vibration!

The Unboxing

Fun Factory ships in discrete cardboard boxes. Inside was a sturdy white box. When I opened it , blue tissue paper was beautifully encasing the toys, just like a lovely gift box would be packed. The box containted the vibrating wand, a scented candle, a can of adaptogen enhanced soda, and a book of matches. The collection is done in classic 1970s orange and blue. It was delightful!

This box actually arrived on my birthday and it felt like someone had sent me a really lovely gift! I strongly encouage this set as a gift for those special folks in your life.

The Specs

The design of this wand is wonderful! The head is 2.4" wide. This is just a smidge smaller then the original Hiatachi Magic Wand and the LoveHoney wand. For those of us with thicker vulvas, this is a better fit than some larger wands and will work will for smaller vulvas as well.

The wand is 12.3 inchese in total length. This is a LONG wand. It makes is very accessible for bigger bodied folks and those with limited arm movements. It also makes is easy for a partner to use it in different positions.

The wand is just under one pound. Much of the weight is in the head of the wand. The handle is lighter than most handles, making this accessible for folks with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The joint connecting the head to the wand is extremely flexible when compared to many comparable wands. This too increases the accessibility of the toy.

The wand has five speeds and three vibarting patterns. There are three buttons. The on/off and pattern button, one to increase intesity, and one to decrease intensity.

It is waterproof and made of body-safe materials. It also comes with a booklet with instructions and suggested positions for use.

The Review

YAY!!! This is a wonderful wand! The vibrations are more "rumbly" and "deeper" when compared to most wands. It is a more "thuddy" vibration and less "buzzy." For those of you seeking a deeper, more soothing sensation from a wand, this is a great choice.

The operating buttons are larger than most wands, are raised, and brightly colored. This makes them easier to find and operate while using. The seperate buttons for increasing and decreasing intensity without having to cycle through other modes was a huge improvement over many wands! I could dial in exactly the level of vibrations I wanted.

The long wand with the weighted head was noticably easier to use than most wands. It was significantly less stress on my wrists and hands than other toys have been. I have oesteoarthritis in my hands and this wand wins for sustainable play time!

The wand comes with a magnetic charger. This makes it easier to attach the charger for people wth arthritis. No searching for a tiny hole to plug in a charger.

The candle smells wonderful. Some combination of citrus and sandlewood makes for a gentle perfuming of the room. The box also includes a box of matches (how thoughtful!).

The soda is a light citrus flavor and is not overly sweet. Both wins in my book. It contains a bunch of different adaptogens and mushroom extracts. I know not all supplements meet their claims. However, I know from previous experience I am sensitive to supplements and adaptogens (I take several as part of a health regimin). This soda has a mild relaxating effect on the body. This improved my orgasm.

This kit is a win all around!

Bottom Line

I highly recommend this wand for everyone! This is especially helpful for folks who need a wand for a bigger body, arthritis, or carpal tunnel reasons. It is a bit on the pricey side, but well worth the cost. Even if you have a wand you like, I suggest picking this one up for your collection!

(Seriously. I have sent the link to six frineds and my sister. Its that good!)

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