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Wartenberg Pinwheel

Awesome Find!

Tracy's Dog



From Tracy's Dog $38

Squee! This is the cutest, tiny Wartenberg Pinwheel! For pen collectors and fans of fountain pens, this is brilliant addition to their toy bag.

The Unboxing

This item is shipped from Tracy's Dog in a plain cardboard box for privacy. The toy comes in a high-end black box with the logo in gold script. It looks like most higher-end fountain pen boxes.

It also includes a slim leather carrying pouch.

The Specs

This item is about the size of a standard fountain pen. The wheel itself is about half and inch in diameter and made of stainless steel. The pen comes in both black and faux brown wood grain. It weighs about 4 ounes.

The Review

Wartenberg wheels are used for stimulation play. With a light tough, there is a gentle pricking sensation. The more pressure you apply, the more intense the sensation moving from feathery to downright painful.

This pen verions is easy to keep in a pocket and uncap at a moment's notice. It is delightful! It feels good to handle and feels good on the skin. Pair it with an evil stick and you have a cute and intense set of sensation toys!

Bottom Line

This is a solid buy for anyone wanting to add a sensation toy to their repertoire.

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