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Weighted Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Great for Nipple Torture




Tweezer Nipple Clips 

Weighted Nipple Clips 

I love intense stimulation. I really enjoy prolonged nipple stimulation. So I spent a lot of time looking for weighted nipple clips that would work for me.

I tried the CalExotics Weighted Nipple Clips first. They didn't work for me. I have had my nipples pieced twice. They are too large to fit in these clips. Even at their widest they did not fit around the whole nipple. I can pinch just a bit of skin on the nipple, but as soon as the weight is allowed to hang, the clips slipped off.

I got the tweezer clips and really like them. The allow me to place the clip on both sides of nipple and really crush them The slide mechanism allows for significant control over the amount of pressure.

What these lacked was enough weight for me. So... I cracked out the needle nose pliers, removed the weight on the one set and added it to the tweezer set. Perfection!

So, if you are looking for intense crushing, some weight, and the ability to fit larger nipples, this is the best solution I have found!

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