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Boss Boar: Its not about the knife

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Guest: Boss Boar, kink educator

Boss Boar is a kink educator who specializes in teaching about pressure points, fear play, humilation, and degredation. He joins Fat Chicks to talk about tapping into the dark side of desire, finding out what that means for him, and how to engage in more advanced forms of kink play.

We also have an extended conversation about consent, creating safety in our communitys, and the responsibilities of kink educators and leaders when it comes to admitting we messed up.


Socials and Websites

BossBoar on for information, classes, and bookings.


Please consider completing an academic research survey about sexual fantasies by Galen Fous. The anonymous survey can be accessed here:

Sites mentioned in this episode: Ticket site by kinky folks for kinky folks with both in-person and online events.

www.Black-Thorn.orgKink education group and public play space in Oakland, CA. Auntie Vice’s blog with more information about the sexual fantasy survey San Francsico based coffee and kink shop High-end sex toy shop and blog. Use CODE: Rebecca10 for 10 percent off all merchandise

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