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2023 Annual Gift Guide

Looking for great gift ideas for everyone you like? I have some great small businesses and individuals offering amazing products, experiences, and more to shop. These have been some of my favorite shops, books, and people in the last year. While the book links are affiliate links to Amazon (which helps me keep the blog and podcast free to

you), if you can get these books at an independent book store near you, I highly recommend doing so. I have included some great independed book stores to support as well!

The rest of the links are not affiliate links, just folks and shops I love.

Of course, I offer my books, classes, and merchandise on Use code QueerXMas for 10% off every order.


Allison Moon. Girl Sex 101 sexuality, self-help

Deven Green and Ned Douglas Everyone Fuck Off parody and delightful

Gretchen Felker-Martin Manhuntbody horror

Janet Hardy. Notes from an Aging Pervert. Memoir, LGBTQ, Sexuality

Jory John and Avrey Monsen All My Friends Are Dead parody and hilarious

Lamya H. Hijab Butch Blues. Memoir, LGBTQ+

Roxane Gay. Opinions. Nonfiction, op-ed

Tristan Taormino. A Part of the Heart Can’t Be Eaten. Memoir, LGBTQ

Adult Toys & Interests

Betty’s Toy Box Women-owned and focuses toy shop with high quality toys (Code AUNTIE gets 10% off)

Funkit Toys Hand-poured dildos with a great sense of humor

Feminist Sex Ed Feminist sex education, toys, and merch

Foxy Feisty Redhead Chain-mail toys and fun things!

Pleasure Pie Sex positive creations!

Raw Love Studio: Custom hand-poured silicone toys (Code REBECCA gets 10% off)

Water Sprite Blankets Protect surfaces when things get juicy!

Wicked Grounds Books, adult toys, education


Poetry for Neanderthals Ages 8+, 4 or more players, great for family time

Kink Starter Cards from Erotic Awakening

Clothing & Accessories


Deven Green as Betty Bowers cameo. Perfect for those really judgy relatives!

Dirty Lola Cameo message

Ngaio Bealum Cameo message

Bawdy Storytelling tickets (it’s touring in 2024 and may be in a city near you!)


Grande Brow I suffered through the baby-brow phase and will attest; this got my brows to grow back!

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