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Closing out 2023/Looking forward to 2024

Dear Readers:

Thank you for staying with me for the year! Whether you recently found me or you are a long-term reader, I appreciate you being here.

This year has been a lot! A lot of good. A lot of less-than-good. And so many things in between.

I am in the process of working with several new groups as well as folks I already collaborate with to help bring your new and exciting posts, classes, and more in 2024. Currently, I am working on setting up a series of free classes so anyone can take them from anywhere in the world. The Sex Shed has sponsored a series of free classes this past year. The videos are on the Resource page as well as on their own YouTube channel. I will continue working with them next year to offer similar classes. I am also working with the Bloom app to offer a class on their platform in February. Its a free app, so check them out! I'm Auntie Vice there too, so feel free to friend me.

I am in the process of booking multiple in-person teaching events across the U.S. for 2024. I announce these events in my monthly newsletter (sign up for free). This includes classes in the San Francisco Bay Area along with events in at least four states. So stay tuned!

I am starting 2024 with a series of interviews with kink and leather folks on the podcast Fat Chicks on Top, These include conversations with luminaries like Lee Harrington and Mollena Lee Williams-Haas as well as the current Internationa Bootblack (Moxie Minion) and International Leather Person of the Year (Bri Burning). The show is working on bringing more and more content about kink, leather, and BDSM to give you lots of stories and perspectives.

Speaking of stories, after chatting with a ton of great queer authors and the need to do something about all the stupid and harmful bans of LGBTQ+ literature and stories I am starting the Big Queer Book Club on Discord. We will mee once a month to chat about a queer book by an authori in the community. Come join us and connect, read, and hear about the myriad of LGBTQ+ expereinces in this world.

The books for the first six months for the Book Club are set:

Lamya H. Hijab Butch Blues.

Henry Hoke. Open Throat.

Sinclaire Sexsmith. Rough & Sweet.

Tristan Taormino. A Part of the Heart Can't be Eaten.

Shaley Howard. Excuse Me, Sir! Memoirs of a Butch.

Roxane Gay. Hunger: A Memoir of My Body.

I'm working on my own memoir. I am aiming to have a full draft in April 2024. Fingers crossed, I'll have a lot of new work out to you soon. This will include posting a bunch of new things here on LoveLettersToAUnicorn.

I recognize that I have not posted as frequently as I did in 2022. This year has been a year of personal and professional growth which has meant learning new patterns of content creation as well as just... learning. I am striving to be more regular with my posts here as I go forawrd into the new year.

I am greatful to all my readers and listeners. You guys give me inspriation and the desire to continue to create.

Wishing you all a joyous and healing 2024! From my pack to yours...

Auntie Vice

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