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Rahim Thawer:Gay, Muslim, and Fabulous!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Guest: Rahim Thawertherapist, college professor

Rahim Thawer is a therapist focusing on LGBTQ folks witha sub-specialty in shame. He has lived in several countries and joins Fat Chicks to talk about queerness, shame, envy, and community. He provides insight into the role circut parties play in gay life around the world. He talks about the intersecting identities of being Muslim and gay.

Sites and Social Media: (counseling site)

@LadyAtivan on Twitter and Instagram


Auntie Vice  will be on the panel at the Nevada County LGBTQ+ Summit in Grass Valley, CA on June 13th at 6PM. The Summit will consist of a panel discussion with audience Q&A followed by a networking reception. 


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