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Which Wand is Right for You

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

There are many different types and styles of wand vibrators available. How do you know which one works for you? Your Auntie is here to help!

Understanding Wand Styles

Wand vibrators all have some essential parts: a rounded head, a neck, a handle, and a way to provide power. Each of these elements come with variations on a theme. Understanding what the variations do will help you select the one that is right for you.

Power Source

Wands can be powered through an electrical cord you plug in, a rechargable battery, or regular batteries. Wands which plug into the wall provide the most powerful vibrations. This means, anywhere you have a power source to plug into, you can use the wand. It is limited by the length of the cord (most cords are about 6 feet long), and your access to a power source. I can attest that, in a pinch, a small protable generator (the kind used for camping) will power a plug-in vibrator.

Most wands these days are powered by a rechargable battery. For the past four years or so, almost all charging cords are USB-based. They work with a regular dongle, like the one you use for a phone cord, or any other USB charging option (computer ports, car plug-in charging ports). Most hold a charge for 2-4 hours of continuous use. For most users, you will only need to recharge your wand every 5 or 6 times you use it. This power option makes the wand portable (yay!) and you can use a charged one even when you have no access to a power source. The trade-off is most (but not all) rechargable wands do not provide the intensity of a plug-in wand.

The third wand style is powered by batteries (most often AA). On the plus side, these style wands are very portable and there is no waiting to recharge them. The trade-off is lower power output and, as most people in my age-range know, your vibrator and your television remote share custody of AA batteries most of the time.


When it comes to wand-vibrators, size matters. Many folks are initially scared off by the tennis-ball sized head of many plug-in styles. This can seem like an awful lot of power to stick between your legs. Many wands now offer a range of settings for vibration intensity and pattern, allowing even the largest wand to offer more gentle vibrations.

Size matters in terms of comfort. For people with larger bodies or those of us with arthritic hands, a wider, longer handle can be a huge plus. The longer handles can reach around a belly and be held without needing a tight grip. For people with petite hands, there may be a need to find a smaller-handled option for comfort.

The head size matters too! Depending on where and how you are using a wand vibrator, you will want to find a head that fits. If you are using it on your labia and clit, you will need to find one with a head large enough to stimulate you but small enough to fit comfortably on or between your labia lips. If you are using one as part of a kink scene and plan to tie or otherwise secure it in place, finding a head large enough to stimulate the clit through the labia lips may be important.

Finally, think about where you will be using your wand. If you plan to use it at home, a larger size may meet your needs well. For traveling, a smaller size can be easier to pack or fit into a toy kit. Wands which come with their own carrying bags are super handy for traveling as well.

Vibration Frequency

Vibration is measured in frequency. The higher the frequency, the more “buzzy” or “tickling” the sensation. The lower the frequency, the deeper or “thuddier” the sensation. If you haven’t used a vibrator before, it can be difficult to know which sensation you prefer. A rough guideline is, if you prefer more intense clit stimulation, go for a lower vibration. If you prefer a lighter touch, go for a higher freqency. The best option is to start in the middle and try several wands.

Some manufactures will list the vibration frequencies in the product description. Many don’t. The best way to get a sense of a specific wand’s sensation prior to buying it is to either go into a good sex shop and demo one OR read a review from a respected sex toy reviewer.

Wand number 2 in the image offers the lowest frequency of the four pictured. For me, who loves intense clitoral stimulation, this is my preferred wand. Its frequency is low enough to also get my G-spot going, allowing for a more intense orgasm. Wand number 4 offers the highest frequency of the four pictured.

Neck Style

The neck part of the wand vibrator often offers some range of motion. Generally, there is a bit of give or ability to tilt the head a little comparted to the handle. Luckily, sex toy designers have started exploring more options in order to make wands more accessiblity-friendly.

Wand numberw 2 and 3 in the image offers a solid neck with no range of motion for the head of the vibrator. Wand number 4 is jointed and offers a 180 degree range of motion. Wand number 1 falls between these two, offering about a 30 degree range of motion.

Fashion Options

Toy manufactures have realized most of us want to customize our sex toy collection. Today, wands come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. While some colors will trend (right now, “Barney” purple and bight pink are the rage), finding wands in most solid colors is an option. Some companies even offer cute patterns.

Some manufatures will include small fabric totes for your wand and its charging devices. This is a huge plus in my world! It is so nice not to have to search for the right chager every time you need to power up your wand. It also means the wand and its accessories are easier to pack for travel.


Wands often come with attachments for different forms of stimulation. Wand 1 in the image (LoveHoney’s Deluxe Couple’s Wand) comes with a g-spot stimulator and a penile sleeve. Other’s offer “P-spot” stimualtors, rabbit ear style stimulators, and many other options. If you enjoy your G-spot or prostate stimulated, it is worth looking into wands which offer these options. For people with penises, the penile sleeves can be great for masturbation or play with a partner.

Quick Buying Guide

Check out more vibrating wands on LoveLettersToAUnicorn, listed on the reviews page under “Vibrators”.

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