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Abortion Must Be Safe

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

This blog mainly focues on kink and BDSM. However, any person having sex has skin in the game when it comes to keeping abortion safe, accessible, and legal.

The Supreme Court, once again, is considering if women who have a heartbeat deserve basic healthcare or if we will sacrafice thousands of women to keep a parasitic blob of cells with an electrical charge alive long enough so we can forget it is human and deny it healthcare, food, housing, and so on.

The Big Lie

The anti-choice/anti-woman advocates will have you believe that abortion is “killing babies” and they are “pro-life.” Here is the reality:

  1. Heartbeat laws are based on detecting an electrical charge in a tiny blob of cells that in no way resembles a human or could survive without the person carrying it who definitely has a heartbeat, brain functions, feelings, and a life. We can make a heart beat in a petri dish. The blob in the dish has no “right to life” and neither should a parasite in a uterus.

  2. “Pro-life” folks don’t give a crap once the child takes it first breath. The same groups forcing pregnancy on women also: advocate for cuts in food stamps; advocate in for-profit healthcare, making it inaccessible to millions of people; deny paid materinity and parternity leave. Basically, once someone takes their first breath of air, the “pro-life” folks then work endlessly to make life painful and difficult or impossible for a kid.

  3. Most “pro-life” folks who advocate adoption as an alternative never adopt or foster a childe. There are 117,000 kids waiting for adoption in the United States. Most will not be adopted by a pro life family.

  4. When Colorado made IUDs free or low-cost to people with uteruses through a state program and demostrated this lowered the rate of unwanted pregnancies and lowered abortion rates, it was “pro-life” groups which advocated ending the program. These programs worked at reducing abortion rates- a stated goal of “pro-lifers.” This program revealed their true intention- forced pregnancies.


People who don’t want to come out for keeping all abortions safe and lega, like to throw around the option of medical abortions or birth control. These are not real options to safe and legal abortion.

  1. Abortion drugs do not work 100 percent of the time.

  2. Abortions drugs often do not work on bigger bodied people.

  3. 32 states require that a physician administer the drug. This means women without affordable access to a physician who is willing to write the prescription and be present is not an option in 32 states.

  4. Several states require a physician be physically present when the drug is administered. This means telemedicine is not an option in these states. Telemedicine is most used in rural states and in areas where there is limited or no medical care.

  5. Medical abortion is only available for the first 11 weeks of pregnancy.

  6. Medical abortion costs between $250 and $580, making it out of reach for many people.

  7. There are already 117,000 chilren waiting for adoption in the United States.

  8. Pregnancy is a risky health choice for many people.

  9. Pregnancy and pregnancy health care is often too expensive for many people.

  10. Pregnancy comes with a risk of death or permament health conditions for many women.

  11. America does not offer paid leave for pregnancy.

  12. Just the delivery of a baby in an uncomplicated, vaginal birth can cost between $5,000 and $11,000.

  13. Effective forms of birth control can be too expensive (the Pill, IUD, cervical caps, diaphragms, all require a doctor visit. The pill requires an on-going co-pay).

  14. Condoms are not 100 percent effective. With the rise in “stealthing” (the practice of a man pretenting to put on a condom/putting on a condom, and then secretly removing it before intercourse) means that they may not always be used even if the partner who can get pregnant requests it.

  15. Getting a tubal ligation (tubes tied) for someone who is unmarried and under 35 can be extremely difficult. There are numerous documented cases of unmarried younger peope asking for tubal ligations and being denied because a doctor thinks the patient might change their mind down the line and refuses to perform a safe and requested procedure.

  16. Folks who advocate for limiting abortion to the first trimester don’t think about birth defects, problematic pregnancies, or the woman carrying the fetus.

  17. America does not require or provide accurate and complete sexual education in high school. This means a huge number of people do not really understand how someone becomes pregnant or safe ways to prevent pregnancy. Less than 50 percent of states require information be medically accurate. More than half the states allow parents to opt out of providing their child with sexual education, meaning parents can choose to have kids who believe the stork is resposible for babies.

The Facts

The most effective ways to reduce abortion are:

  1. provide required, accurate, and extensive sex education in school.

  2. Make birth control widely accessible at free or low cost to those who need it.

  3. Recognized that pregnant humans are aware, feeling, and fully human and have the right to decide which safe medical procedures to undergo.

  4. Make sure abortion care is legal and widely available.

People who can get pregnant are under attack. The right wing wants to force pregnancy on millions of Americans. Keep in mind, any court that can force you to have a child can change it’s mind and force you to abort one.

Keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible.

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