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Dear Republicans…

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

I know you are dancing and drinking and celebrating what you see is your candidate winning. I know you don’t get why most Americans (and yes, a majority of Americans did not support your candidate) are upset. I know you want us to all “be on the same team,” and “make America great again” and are just confused as to why there is so much outrage.

Let me clarify a few things…

Firstly, we- the majority of Americans- are horrified by your choice to vote for a candidate who fosters hate, who bashes and threatens minorities and who brags about assaulting and raping women. Your choice to vote for this candidate told every single person that you value his bluster and bullying over the very lives of other Americans. It is devastating to many of us to find out that our co-workers, neighbors and family members would willingly and enthusiastically support someone who actively advocated harming and murdering us.

This is not an exaggeration of his policies. He brags about wanting to “round up” and deport Latinos. He would happily tear families apart without a second thought. He brags about deporting all Muslims- including Muslims born and raised and education in America, because they worship something because they worship something than the almighty dollar. It includes every LGBTQ person because he supports things like conversion therapy which leads people subjected to it to kill themselves. It include getting rid of health care and social services programs which help millions of children keep from starving.

Your vote let us know that you are either so indifferent about the lives of minorities, women, LGBTQ folks, poor children and people who for a living, or you so actively hate us that you will vote for a man who will work to end our communities.

You have betrayed and hurt your fellow citizens for a man because he either has a penis and that makes you more comfortable than a woman in high office, or you agree that most Americans can be irreparably harmed and you are okay with that because you find him entertaining.

I lived through the first wave of AIDS in America. The president’s consistent indifference and failure to act has now killed 39 Million people and 78 million have been infected with HIV. He, like so many of you, hated gay people and immigrants. Your support of him led to my community having funerals daily for the brothers and sisters killed because the government refused to take action.

You claim that it is just policy differences and we should accept you. Your ‘policies’ will actively lead to death and harm of millions. We cannot be complacent or accepting of our own destruction.

I will not support a genocide. You, Republicans, have elected a leader who has the potential to lead to the deaths of millions of my brothers and sisters. You are celebrating along with the KKK and Nazis. If that doesn’t tell you exactly who you are, then you will never get it.

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