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Pride 2022

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Happy Pride!!!

Collection of rainbow pride stickers

Pride is an ever-evolving event. It started as a riot against abusive policing. It has become a party, a way to take a political stand, a corporate event, and a big ‘ol party. All of these (except the corporate gay-washing) has a place in Pride!

This year, here are some things to read for Pride.

14 Ideas to Celebrate the Spirit of Pride

25 Books to read and 25 Movies to watch for Pride Month

Pride: Be Queer, Fuck the Patriachy

Make Pride Queer Again

Bi Pride


And, if you are Nevada County, CA this June, join me at the Nevada County Pride Summit. Hosted by Nevada County Media.

June 13 at 6 PM, Nevada County Media, 355 Crown Point Circle, #D, Grass Valley, CA

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