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Sexy Valentine’s Day Inspirations!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching (again). Even if you are jaded toward this corporate day of forced romance and sex, you can still use it as an excuse to have some hot, kinky sex. Pretty much any excuse to have some hot, kinky sex is a great thing in my opinion.

This year, we are limited by what is available thanks to COVID. Indoor dining at fancy restaurants is very limited (or not available at all, depending on your location). A romantic night in a hotel may not be safe for you. Pretty much any popular V’Day celebration has been limited by the ‘rona.

No fear! Your friendly neighborhood kinkster is here with some fun ideas for celebrations!


Best Bondage Erotica of the Year v2

Going it alone this year? There is no reason you cannot enjoy romancing yourself! Make this an epic night to masturbate. Charge up the sex toys (if using), grab some lube, light some candles, pull out your favorite erotic book or story or load up your favorite porn, and take some time to enjoy your own body. Most of us jerk off with the sole purpose of getting to climax and calling it a night. Use Valentine’s Day to romance yourself. Enjoy some nipple suckers or clamps, add a vibrating butt plug, blindfold yourself or whatever else you are into!

If you are looking for sexy reading, I happen to have a new story coming out in Best Bondage Erotica of the Year, volume 2 dropping February 9 for your pleasure!

Get Wet

Use your shower or bath. I am not advocating actual shower sex. For most of us, the realities of shower sex are less than enjoyable (unless being waterboarded is you thing). HOWEVER, there are other things you can do in the shower for a sexy evening.

Shower together. Hot water, body oils and good smelling soaps and body washes can help set the mood. Lather each other up. Press your naked bodies together in the wet, warm shower. Kiss, neck, and stroke each other to get one another in the mood for more fun to come once you step out of the bath.

A hot, foggy bathroom post shower can be a fun place to have sex! If you have a sturdy vanity, use it to help prop up a partner. Or brace against it and get a little action from behind. The humidity and heat will keep you warm and outside the shower you have more options for support and less water boarding.

Dress Up and Role Play

Photo by Katerina Holmes on

Can’t go out to a restaurant? This doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic meal at home.

If you or a partner enjoys cooking, this is a great opportunity for some role play. Channel your inner Paul Hollywood and critique your partner with a stern, dominant demeanor. Add comments about having a soggy bottom, or a perfect firmness, a nice chewiness or other random baking comment for extra fun! Additionally, the kitchen provides a huge opportunities to engage pervertables! Wooden spoons, pasta measurers, and more make for great impact toys.

Humiliation play your jam? Have your partner yell at you like Gordon Ramsey and make you lick your “mistakes” off of them.

Into the 1950s fantasy? Cook wearing just an apron and your favorite wearable sex toy (see here for options).

Love service? Practice formal food service. Set a formal table, light some candles, learn the proper way to open a bottle of wine and pour it for your mate.

Introduce a New Toy

If you and your partner are exchanging gifts, it can be a great time to introduce a new addition to your kinky toy box. I have a ton of recommendations to support kinky small businesses here.

Explore Sexy Talk

Weather you work from home with your partner in the next room or you work out of the house, foreplay via text messages can be a blast! Text your partner throughout the day teasing and working each other up with some sexy chat prior to seeing one another. Not sure how to start sexting? I have your covered!

Wax On, Wax Off

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Candles tend to be a standard accessory for Valentine’s Day. They can be used for more than just mood lighting. Wax play can be hot, sexy, and bonding. Unsure what candles to use or how to be safe? Check out the Kink Academy tutorial here.


Bottom line, even if you hate Valentine’s Day as a corporate holiday, it can still be used for inspiration. This year, be safe, avoid COVID, and have some hot, kinky action on the 14th!

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