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Subordinate Clause

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Happy Holidays! Here is a little kinky holiday porn for y’all.

CW: Impact play, body fluids

Elise sat by the fire on the early morning of December 26 sipping a strong cup of black coffee. No matter how many times Richard made this run, and it had been hundreds of times since they married, was she able to sleep. The clock on the mantle showed it was just after seven in the morning.

It was still dark outside. This far north it stayed dark nearly 24 hours a day in December. For a few hours, the light of early morning or evening dusk would remind her the sun had not completely forgotten them. Snow outside the windows looked chilly, but the roaring fire kept the chill off in the house.

She heard the distinctive crunch of Richard’s work boots on the snow outside as he approached the door. Elise sat down her coffee on the table and pulled off the blanket covering her lap. She straightened her long robe and went to greet Richard at the door.

She opened the oversized solid pine door and saw Richard coming up the walk. “Welcome home, Santa!” She smiled wide as she stepped back to let her husband into their home.

“My goodness, it’s good to be back!” he said in his deep, resonate voice as he crossed the threshold. He scooped Elise into his arms and held her close. “So good to be back,” he said and kissed her on the forehead.

Richard shut the door and stomped on the mat to remove the remaining snow from his boots.

“You must be exhausted,” Elise said. “Have a seat and let me get you something to drink.”

Richard unbuttoned his large black belt, removed his red coat lined with sheep’s wool, and hung it on the hook near the front door. He removed the black leather gloves and set them on the coffee table before taking a seat.

Richard sat with a plop in the oversized leather recliner near the fire.

“How was the run?” Elise asked.

“Quiet this year. No surprises.” He rubbed his hands together then placed his palms forward to warm them by the fire. “Learned my lesson and didn’t eat any snacks left for me in California or Denver. Or Holland for that matter.” he chuckled.

Elise laughed as she returned to the living room carrying a large mug of hot coffee with a splash of Irish Whiskey. “This should warm those aching bones.” She presented the mug between both palms in outward stretched hands.

Richard took the mug by the handle and inhaled the aroma deeply, “Thank god there is no milk! I swear that Jensen starting that damn rumor ‘Santa likes milk’ was the most evil thing anyone ever did! You know what millions of homes filled with room temperature milk smell like by six AM? Ass. It smells like ass. I need someone to start a rumor that Santa likes cucumber water.”

Elise knelt at his feet as he sipped the coffee. “Perfect my love. Just like I like it.” His large fingers stroked the hair at her temples.

She grasped the heel of his right boot with her left hand and extended his leg just a bit. She tugged and the boot freed itself from his heel. She removed his boot and placed it next to her. She then removed his left boot and set it next to its twin. She then pulled a soft cloth from the pocket of her robe and wiped the drops of water off each boot before setting them back on the floor next to the chair.

She looked up at Richard who was watching approvingly. The trademark redness of his cheeks and nose were slowly fading to a rosy pink as his skin warmed from the long trip.

Elise then removed both socks from Richard’s feet and lay them on the edge of the hearth to dry. She retrieved the jar of lotion she had set on the far end of the coffee table before returning to her kneeling position.

“Sir, how are your feet tonight,” she asked, examining his toes with her eyes.

“Cold. Tired. I think they need a bit of care.” There was no direct command, but Elise knew she was expected to follow through with foot care.

She opened the jar and warmed the lotion between her palms before she began to massage it into his feet. She coated his right foot with a thin coat of warm lotion. Beginning at his heel, she used her strong hands to massage in the coconut and shea butter until she reached his toes. She paid special attention to the tips of each toe, making sure to warm them in her hands.

Richard sat there silently as his wife rubbed and warmed his feet. Warmth from the fire and whiskey began to revive his body. As Elise finished his final pinky toe, he was ready to claim his prize for a job well done.

“Take off your robe,” he said softly.

Elise stood and untied the belt of her long, thick robe. She let it fall open and then slide from her shoulders to the floor. She stood there in front of Richard, naked and glowing in the fire light. Her wide round hips and heavy thighs were warmed by the fire. Her breasts hung apart and the nipples hardened in the cold from the room away from the firelight. A tuff of white pubic hair stuck out beneath the gentle roll of her stomach.

Richard rubbed his crotch through his thick red pants as he watched his wife standing naked before him. Elise stood still, feeling his eyes move over every inch of her body.

Richard stood and unbuttoned his trousers. He let them fall to the ground before stepping out of them. Under his red and green plaid boxer shorts, Elise saw his firm cock standing erect. She felt her own wetness begin to release at the sight of his hard member.

Richard stepped toward her, wrapped his large hand in her single white braid, and lowered her to her knees. Elise’s face was just inches away from the tip of his dick. He felt her warm breath quicken as he pulled her closer to him.

“You want this package, don’t you?” he asked.

Elise nodded.

“What do you say?” Richard corrected.

“Yes, Sir. I want your package,” there was a slight tremble of anticipation in her voice.

Richard used his free hand to remove his thick cock from the fly of his boxers and placed it on Elise’s lips. She looked up with just her eyes, waiting for his instructions.

“Open your mouth,” he instructed.

Elise dropped her jaw and parted her lips. Holding onto her braid to keep her head steady, Richard pushed his cock into her mouth. “Suck me.”

Elise began to suck on his erection with vigor. She wanted to make him come involuntarily, right there in the living room and splash cum across her face. She felt his dick become even more engorged as she worked her lips up and down the shaft.

Suddenly, Richard tightened the grip on her braid and pulled his cock from her lips. “You are quite the eager beaver this morning, aren’t you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Elise felt her heart racing with excitement.

“Well then, let see how much you can give me.” Richard helped her to her feet and then released her hair. She stood before him, trembling slightly with anticipation. “Are you cold?” he asked.

“No, Sir. Excited, Sir.”

“Good. Now, go to the bedroom and position yourself in third position. I will follow when I am ready.”

Elise walked toward the master suite. The room was enormous. A stone fireplace was blazing at one end across from the king-sized bed. Four tree-sized posts of pine marked the corner of the mattress. Elise walked over to the bed and knelt on the edge and then stretched her upper body flat on the mattress. Ass-up she waited for her husband.

She knelt on the bed straining to hear any clue of what he had in mind. Shortly, she heard his large, soft feet pad down the hall toward the room. She listened and tried to deduce what he was doing. Sounds of his shirt and boxers being removed near the bathroom came first. Next, she heard him open the armoire and remove something.

Elise felt the heat from Richard behind her first. A broad palm cupped her ample ass cheek and rubbed it. His hands were warm from the fire and felt delicious on her cold buns. The gentle rubbing gave way to soft swats on both cheeks and then firm slaps. As he smacked her left cheek then right, it sounded like the elves in the bakery beating dough into submission.

Blood flowed into her ass and then the pain broke through. The pleasure of the thuds became sharp and hard. Years of hoisting that giant bag of toys over his shoulder had given Richard a surprising amount of strength. Hidden beneath that heavy coat was a strong pair of biceps.

The slapping stopped. Elise held her position and waited. A set of wide leather straps were trailed across her sensitive bottom.

“I had the elves in the leather shop whip up something special for me,” he continued to slowly drag the tresses of the new toy across Elise’s bright red behind.

Richard reached two thick fingers between Elise’s pussy lips and plunged them deep into her wet, waiting hole. He pulled them out covered in thick juices. He held the pussy covered fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Damn! I am so glad you smell like a woman and not cookies,” he said as he bent forward to have Elise suck her own fluids from his fingers.

Richard resumed a standing position behind his wife. He raised the wooden handled toy with five leather belts attached and came down on her giant ass with power. Elise cried out with the first strike. Richard ran his hands over the red welts now rising on his woman’s backside. “Santa likes,” he admired with approval.

He delivered a dozen blows in rapid succession. Elise finally caved and lurched forward onto the bed to avoid a blow. This was met by her Sir’s firm voice, “Did I say I was finished?”

Elise worked to resume her kneeling position. A breathy, faint, “No, Sir,” was pushed from her lips.


Elise heard him set the toy down and walk back to the armoire. There were sounds of boxes being moved about, something clicked open and closed, and then his footsteps moved toward the bed.

A thick, lubed finger pushed deep into her asshole. Elise relaxed and let Richard’s finger plunge into her hole. He pulsed the finger a few times before withdrawing it. His finger was replaced with a butt plug much larger than his index finger. Elise focused on relaxing her tight hole to take in the lubed plug.

When her ass finally accepted the invader, Richard tapped its base, “That’s a good girl.”

Elise could only concentrate on the pressure of the toy forcing her hole open to its limits. She momentarily lost track of what her Sir was doing.

She was yanked back into the moment when his dick plunged deep into her pussy all the way to her cervix. An involuntary, “Fuck!” escaped her lips.

Richard was merciless on her pussy. He pumped his enormous member into her wet hole, plunging deep in and enjoying her wetness surrounding his member. He held her hips steady to make sure she took the entirety of his cock with every thrust.

Elise’s body began to jerk with pre-orgasmic spasms. Richard felt her pussy pulse on his dick. He pulled out and then removed the plug nestled between her butt cheeks. His long, thick member pushed against her tiny butthole forcing its way past the sphincter barricades.

Elise let out a deep, animalistic groan as Richard pushed slowly into her waiting asshole. He slowed his thrusting to watch his hard, white cock push in and out of his wife’s tiny hole. He used his hands to part her cheeks, now covered in angry, red welts to watch the full length of his shaft penetrate his wife.

He felt his own climax approaching. He pushed hard and deep for a few pumps before withdrawing to watch his cum frost Elise’s cookies. Thick white jizz oozed across her ass and down to her crack. He watched his own fluid run across her white hair-covered pussy lips which were soaked in her own juices.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” he laughed at his own signature sound.

Elise, face still buried in the quilt on the bed, smiled to herself.

Richard walked to the bathroom. Elise heard water run for a minute and then he returned. A warm, wet towel covered her butt cheeks and he wiped her clean. “You can relax now,” he instructed.

Richard tossed the towel and then crawled under the mound of quilts on the bed. Elise snuggled up next to him and kissed his chest. His beard rested on the crown of her head. He smelled of sweat and sex and leather. Elise inhaled his musk and then sighed.

“Merry Christmas, Sir,” she rubbed his massive belly under the covers.

“Merry Christmas, My Sweet,” he replied and kissed the crown of her head. “Let’s get a good winter’s nap.” Richard pulled her in close and began to snore.

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