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New Year! Better, Kinkier YOU!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I am so excited to announce I will be working with Wicked Grounds to host “30 Days of Kinky Self-Discovery” in January 2021.

So many people are looking for ways to develop and explore their kinks. There are great books, blogs, and classes out there. However, sometimes we need a space to connect with others in our kinky journey and work through what we need from our kinky sex lives, our relationships, and ourselves.

30 Days of Kinky Self-Discovery is designed to help participants connect with others and develop their identities. Weather you are new to kink or established in the life style, there is always plenty of room to grow. This class will connect folks to talk about a wide range of kinky topics.

Additionally, participants will have the option to do at-home exercises from journaling, to readings to sharing images with other class participants. We will talk about things like “what makes someone submissive or dominant?” “Are specific kink acts only for one side of the slash?” and “How do some people use kink to address past emotional trauma?”

I have put together a huge list of resources for use after the class so that you can continue your kinky jounrey. From readings, to exercises, to coaching options, to dating sites and more you will have access to these resources long after the class ends.

The class comes with a free workbook and options to check in daily. Course packages start with a single class, 5- 10- and 20 class day options, and the full 30 day course. The first course on January 2nd is FREE to all interested parties.

This class is open and appropriate for all genders, sexual orientations, sides of the slash, level of experience, and sexual expressions.

I am includng the class schedule below for people who want to check it out before buying a package.

Tickets are availabled at:

30 Days of Kinky Self-Discovery

Course Outline

Jan 2 Introductory class (Free), Course overview, ways to explore your kinky world

Week 1: Me, Myself, and I

Jan 3 Kink origin stories and how they shape our identities

Jan 4 Blurred lines: identity, roles, and expression of kinky self

Jan 5 Finding our language: looking at labels, connotations, and concepts of identity

Jan 6 Visual Stimuli: Images of kink and our identity

Jan 7 Ideals: Relations, Role, and Sexual Ideals of the self

Jan 8 Drives: What drives your desires

Jan 9 Drilling Down: Identifying your core kink

Week 2: Roles

Jan 10 Defining Roles in Kink

Jan 11 Dominance: Concepts, Examples, and Exploration

Jan 12 Submission: Concepts, Examples, and Exploration

Jan 13 Switches: Concepts, Examples, and Exploration

Jan 14 Identifying Your Needs and How Roles May Meet Them

Jan 15 Always, Often, Sometimes, Never: Desired Amounts of Kink

Jan 16 Sexual and Fetish Activities and Role Intersection

Week 3: Power

Jan 17 Interpersonal and Situational Power in Kink and BDSM

Jan 18 Finding Your Personal Power

Jan 19 Power for All Identities

Jan 20 Alternative forms of Power in Kink

Jan 21 Circles of Power

Jan 22 Power and Dominance

Jan 23 Power and Submission

Week 4: Getting Very Personal

Jan 24 Consent: What is it? Is it Situational? How to ask and keep it sexy

Jan 25 Kink and Trauma: Overview on interactions of kink and trauma

Jan 26 Kink as Healing

Jan 27 Kink, BDSM, and Mental Health Concerns

Jan 28 Kink and Your Body

Jan 29 Limits

Jan 30 Yikes! Dealing with what scares you

Jan 31 Going Forward: Where do you go from here?

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