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“No White People Left Behind”

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I had a wonderful conversation with disabilities activist Imani Barbarin. You can hear our conversation here or the current episode of Fat Chicks on Top on any streaming service. We chat about her journey to become an activist, the American and French healthcare systems, representation, SSDI, COVID, and so much more!!!

During our conversation, she said she wished there was a “No White People Left Behind” reading list that white folks could pass around and help us educate ourselves about BIPOC issues which have been written about by people for decades but ignored by white folks. So, wish granted. Here is your reading list to help understand basics about supporting BIPOC folks.

No White People Left Behind Reading List

Roxane Gay. (2018). Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body.

Tressie Macmillen Cottom. (2018). Thick: And Other Essays.

Ta-Nehisi Coates. (2015). Between the World and Me.

Ernesto Galarza. (2011). Barrio Boy.

Robert Jones Jr. (2021). The Prophets.

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