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Rae Luna: I Know I’m Hot

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Image of brown skinned, bigger body femme-presenting person in black lingerie with pink eyeshadow leaning against fence

Rae Luna

Guest: Rae Luna, burlesque and go-go dancer

This week we continue with Erotic Performer Month. Rae Luna is a nonbinary burleque and go-go dancer based in San Francisco, CA. They talk about embracing thier body, how to seduce yourself, being Brown and how that influences their performances and so much more!

Rae has performed at Twisted Windows, an even created and hosted by previous Fat Chicks guest Shay Tizanoat Bondage-a-go-go in San Francisco, and with Om Nom Nom Nobinary Burlesque.

They also discuss growing up mixed race, not knowing their father’s culture, being soaked in the white cool-aid and coming to terms with their identity.

Social Media:

_Omoonrae_ on Instagram and Twitter

Upcoming shows:

July 8th Nom Nom Nonbinary Burlesque at Amados in San Francisco, CA

July 22nd No Cover Caberetat The Skylark in San Francisco, CA


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nonbinary, fat, fatness, erotic performer, burlesque, go-go dancer, Twisted Windows, Wicked Grounds, Arab, mixed race, Seattle, self-love

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