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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Time to spend days online and in stores looking for great gifts for family, friends, and co-workers forcing you into a white elephant gift exchange. It is also

This is also an incredibly important period for small kink vendors. These folks put love and thought into creating great clothing and toys celebrating our lives and kinks. Buying products from these folks keeps money in our community. Please consider shopping these retailers and avoiding the big guys who are just in it to grab our cash and bounce.


Beyond Piercing (needle, medical play supplies)

Chastity Tech (chastity toys)

Funkittoys (silicone dildoes and butt plugs)

Fun with Fetish (vegan, geeky toys) use code AUNTIE for extra discount!!

Nox Shop (high end sex toys)

Peepshow Toys (variety of toys)

SINagogue (unique impact toys)

Shop Enby (toys beyond the binary)

Stockroom (toys, furniture, accessories)

The Twisted Monk (rope and bondage gear)

Wicked Grounds (toys, books, gear)


Holo Custom Leather (collars, leather goods)


Chainmail by Chelle (chainmail, custom builds accepted)

Cunning Linguist (pins, patches, and accessories)

Geeky and Kinky (pins, jewlery, bags, tshirts)

Glass Fish (glass bongs, necklace pendants)

Sugarbutch the Shop (clothing, games, accessory)

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