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How to Swing Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

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Half the world has shut down and it’s expected to be around 14 months — at least — before a coronavirus vaccine is developed. In the meantime, social distancing measures are the only way to curb the spread of the virus. While this might be a small price to pay in exchange for saving countless lives, it does make certain things (i.e. dating and sexual activities like swinging) frustratingly difficult.

Luckily, it’s not impossible.

Our friends over at SwingTowns (the World’s Friendliest Dating Site) are here to give you their best tips for enjoying the lifestyle while adhering to each and every one of the CDC’s guidelines.*

Have Fun from Home

There’s a reason that parties are shutting down across the world. As disappointing as it might be, avoiding clubs — and one-on-one encounters — is an absolute must for the time being. Social distancing is absolutely the most effective way to curb this virus until a vaccine is developed and properly tested. Even if you and your play partners seem healthy, or even test negative for the virus, there’s just so many ways for you to contract the sickness in between making plans and meeting up that it’s best to avoid physical contact all together.

So what can you do instead?

  1. Swap videos and pics

  2. Host a porn watch party

  3. Have phone sex

The simple answer is: start swinging virtually! There’s never been a better time to sign up for free on SwingTowns and chat with local swingers. Not only will this allow you to make friends for when the pandemic ends, but also have fun over video and texting. In fact, with how low-pressure the experience can be, you might make even more connections than you would at a party or club. And with enough practice (and the right partners) the experience can be just as satisfying! With virtual swinging, you can:

Everyone has different turn-on’s and off’s, and with enough creativity, there are ways to satisfy all your kinks. Have a masturbation party over Skype or enjoy one-on-one cam sessions. Think about how you can bring your fantasies to life in ways you haven’t before. For example, our readers with cheating fantasies might enjoy “catching” their partners masturbating on the phone with someone they meet on SwingTowns. If you really think about it, the sky’s the limit!

Meet People for Free on SwingTowns

Since 2001, SwingTowns has prided itself on being THE place for couples and singles of all shapes and sizes to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies. Whether you’re into group orgies, BDSM, friends with benefits, poly relationships, or any other form of ethical non-monogamy (even if that includes no sex at all!) you will find YOUR community among the millions of members at SwingTowns.

Just look at what some of our members have to say:

We have been on SwingTowns less than a week and have been having so much fun! Everyone we have talked to has been so friendly and so active. This is such a great site. We will definitely be telling our friends about it! KinkyCouple72 (Bedford, Indiana)
We LOVE SwingTowns! We’ve been looking for a place to find other local, like-minded people and here it is. We have found so many in our area. Easy to use with lots of friendly people. What more could you ask for? We can’t wait to see what our future with SwingTowns has to offer. Fun fun FUN! Amanda & Hamilton (Raymond, New Hampshire)
There are a lot of very friendly people on SwingTowns with a lot of different kinks. There’s something for just about everybody — and damn, they have some extremely drop-dead gorgeous women and couples that will make your head spin. So many friendly people… and did I mention the freaks? OMG, the freaks! 10/10 would recommend it. Jezebel & Cad (Columbus, Ohio)

Whether you’re new to the lifestyle, experienced, or you just want to make some friends, you’re sure to find all that you’re looking for and more at the world’s friendliest dating site.

Sign up now to claim your FREE membership!

*PSA: read those guidelines before moving forward, and check them frequently, as they may change with time and new information.

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