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Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Lately I feel like I am watching one of those suspense or horror films where the protagonist makes a mistake in the beginning (e.g., running over a grifter near lover’s lane and killing him) and then rather than take responsibility they try to cover up their crime. This, of course, leads to 90 minutes of increasingly bad decisions, increased danger for anyone with them, and lots and lots of unnecessary bloodshed.

In this case, it is watching the cheeto. It has been confirmed that the Russians, from Putin down, interfered with the American election to get this puppet elected. And it is clear that the cheeto is making policies that benefit Russia. And Russia claims it has sex tapes of the cheeto and that is what it is using for leverage to get him to betray America.

**Cue sound of wheels screeching to a halt**

Wait, what? We have a “leader” who is willing to sacrifice an entire nation’s interests because someone has him boinking on tape? WTF? You can’t be serious? Really?

Now, the actual existence of the tapes has not been proven. Russian hacking was in question until a few weeks ago but rumors about it have been around for six months. I am not saying it will be confirmed, but there is probably some truth to it.

So, how bad can these tapes be? What in the world could the flaccid gray body with an orange head be doing that is so horrible that it is worth selling out a nation?

The reality is, nothing. There is absolutely nothing on those tapes that justify the cheeto’s groveling before a foreign power. But, like the typical suspense film, the fear of people’s response and the inability to take responsibility for his actions leads to a series of increasingly poor decisions.

American Attitudes Allow This

We live in a nation that is stupid about sex. We use it to sell everything. Men feel entitled to it. Admit you like it and still want respect we call you a whore.

American has this veneer of “respectability” and “purity” around sexuality. It is quite powerful. I just had a 24 year old cousin forced to marry her boyfriend because she got pregnant out of marriage. Her parents were so ashamed they forced her to get married and told her she was “shaming them.” These are also people who had no issue with the cheeto bragging about sexual assault.

Our real values and attitudes about sex are shaped by race, class, gender, and a whole variety of intersectional issues. American “christians” voted for a many with three wives and who bragged about sexually assaulting women because he was White and rich rather than support a woman who’s husband had cheated on her and she stood by him to make that marriage work. They hated a Black married couple who have no history of affairs and are clearly deeply in love because they were Black.

So, one can easily believe that if he is seen having sex on tape well, the public will crucify him. There is no reality to that belief. How many D-list stars have leaked sex tapes and it didn’t hurt their career one bit? Hell, R. Kelly can pee on an underage girl and he still has recording and performance contracts.

We shame people for safe, sane, and consensual sex every day. We do not stand up for sex workers. We ask rape victims what they did to cause their attack. These attitudes and behaviors make it difficult to believe that your sad little sex tape will not hurt your career.

Reality Check

Someone needs to reality check the cheeto. He bragged about assaulting women. He had 13 accusers come forward and file rape charges. He sexualizes his own daughter. None of this, I repeat, NONE OF THIS ended his bid for presidency. [It should have, btw.]

If all the Russians have are sex tapes, the very worst that will happen to this guy is that he will be a laughing stock for a while. And that is his issue. He is a narcassist and can’t stand being made fun of – especially if it is about his tiny, flaccid, penis. He is still mad about people saying his has small hands!

We have a puppet in office who is harming American interests worldwide because he is ashamed of sex.

Going Forward

American needs a reality check about its attitudes around sex. Our sex education is horrible and harmful in many states. Our policies about birth control and abortion are harming millions of families. Every year kids kill themselves because other classmates mock their sexuality. All of this for something that is a basic and natural human action.

Most of you who read this blog are sex positive and work to improve attitudes about sexuality. We need to keep pushing forward. It is so bad American interests may be sold out to Russia because an tiny man can’t accept the fact that people may laugh when he has a boner.

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