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10 New Role Play Ideas!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

If you are into role playing, most likely you are familiar with the classics: student/teacher, parent/child, landowner/servant, maid/Mistress. These are classics for a reason. They all involve power differentials, they have fun costumes, and you can do a lot of different versions of each one.

Here are ten new role play ideas. Take them as jumping off points and have fun!

1. Harry Potter Finds His Magic Wand

If you have read the Harry Potter books or scene the movies, you are familiar with the scene where he goes to the wand shop and tries out several wands before finding just the right one. For this role play, choose either a type of toy (canes, floggers, etc.) or a class of toy (impact, dildoes, etc.). One person is the student and the other is the expert helping them find just the right toy to make them magic!

2. Zombie Apocalypse!

Most of us are familiar with some version of the zombie apocalypse be it the Walking Dead, Zombieland, or Night of the Living Dead. For this fantasy, one person is the zombie with the commiserate rules for your zombie (some are fast, some are slow, some are afraid of fire, etc). The non-zombie has to avoid being captured and made to do the zombie’s will (this can be whatever play or sex you have in mind).

3. Idol/fan

We are increasingly obsessed with celebrity culture in the West. For this role play, one person is the idol (rock star, movie star, drag queen, etc) and the other is the idol.

4. LARP Characters Gone Wild!

Anyone into role playing games will probably find an appeal in role playing sex. Don your D&D, Magic, Second life or other character and have your partner don theirs (or create one if they are not into role playing games) and go at it as your characters! Making a chart of various play activities and incorporating die is optional (but fun!)

5. Public Scandal

We have all seen a variety of public scandals play out over the years. For this role play, one of you is the person involved in the scandal, the other is their public relations manager. Outline the details of the scandal to start. The PR agent then must direct the person in the scandal on how they will rehabilitate their reputation.

6. Master Chef/TV Competitor

Cooking competitions have become mass hits in the past decade. From Hell’s Kitchen, to The Great British Baking Show, to Chopped people love to watch chefs yell at people and make them work for approval. Choose your favorite chef (or create your own personality) and one of you is the master chef, the other a competitor on a show looking to win approval. Since professional kitchens already run on a hierarchy and the appropriate answers are generally, “Yes, Chef,” and “No, Chef,” this type of role play is well suited to power exchange relationships and kitchen pervertibles!

7. Washed Up Star Drops a Sex Tape

We’ve all seen this too many times. A fading star is trying to generate some hype so they make a sex tape that gets, “leaked” and all of the sudden they are trending in the papers and on social media again! You can choose to play the star and their consort(s) making the sex tape or the director and the star setting up the sex tape. Incorporating your own filming for personal fun can be really hot too!

8. Religious Patriarch Hoisted on Own Petard

Anymore, when we see the head of a major religious organization in the United States, many of us are waiting for their inevitable fall. If they preach gays are the cause of hurricanes, we are all pretty sure there is some pool boy on his payroll for something more than pool cleaning. If they preach monogamy and abstinence before marriage, we are all pretty sure there is a slew of consorts lurking in the shadows with them. You can either play the preacher getting caught at an orgy or being cuckolded by his wife or you can play the fallen icon repenting and making it up to the wronged spouse. The latter version lends itself to humiliation and degradation play especially well.

9. Helicopter Parent Gone Bad

A helicopter parent is a parent who is overly involved in their child’s life. They are recognized by being at every school event, being overly involved in a child’s choices, and annoying teachers and coaches to no end. For this role play, one person is the helicopter parent and the other is a teacher/coach/director/tutor that the parent tries to convince to give their child special treatment.

10. Comic Book Heroes Unite!

Chose your favorite comic book heroes. Have them battle each other for supremacy! They can romance one another to join their team! They can teach each other new skills! The possibilities are endless. Wonder Woman and her lasso show Spiderman new ways to use rope and Spidey shows her good self suspension! Batman and Superman finally reconcile their homoerotic affair with some hot sex on capes! Shouting “Bam!” and “Pow!” is encouraged.

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