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Olly Olly Oxen Free

We come out today

because Cleve designed

and Gilbert sewed;

Alvin danced

And RuPaul doesn’t always wear pants.

Leslie got the Stone Butch Blues

Patrick let Machos Sluts be his muse.

Because Harvey led,

Sheila did too.

Larry did while making

conservatives go “boo hoo.”

took a stand.

before even most queers

would lend them a hand.

Because queens and fairies

Tired of police doing them harm.

Because Mattachine and

got sick and tired of folks

trying to hide us.

Michaelango helps timid ones

out of the closet-

the most popular ones.

We’ve come out

gay, queer, lesbian

asexual and nonbinary too.

We did this so

you could be

all you are meant for

and more than you can see.

If you think today is just about you

your world is too small.

Its time to come out

come out,

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